Good Neighbor Tips

Helpful tips and policies to help keep Belmont Park beautiful!

** Garbage collection:
              -- weekly,  very early on Wednesday morning
              -- only use issued garbage cans
              -- cans should be placed at the edge of your driveway, no earlier than Tuesday afternoon
              -- cans should be removed by Wednesday night
              -- cans should be stored in your garage not outside   

** Dogs:
              -- dogs are welcome in our community, please remember our grounds are "communal"
              -- always clean up your pet's "duty" -- including the grass behind your unit
              -- dogs must be on a leash when outside -- when walking or outside your unit -- please
                  see written by-laws on the document page of website  
              -- do not allow barking dogs on your deck for extended periods of time -- sounds are
                 easily echoed

** Around your unit:
               -- Please do not place items along the outside perimeter of you unit -- such as flower
                  pots or miscellaneous stepping stones.  Maintaining curb appeal is important to
                  our community.
              -- Keep garden hoses off of the lawn area.  Our landscape mowing service and 
                 the association are not responsible for damage to hoses left in these areas.
              -- Water plants and grass as needed.
              -- Be vigilant of "critters" getting under porches and outside areas. The HOA is 
                  not responsible for pest or animal control. 

** Suggested Unit Maintenance (items not maintained by HOA)
              -- Maintain wooden decks
              -- Clean deck railings annually
              -- Screens on decks -- maintain appearance
              -- Maintain seals at bottom of garage doors
              -- Water proof stone on front of unit

** Snow Removal:
             -- Driveways will be cleared of snow when snowfall is 4 inches or deeper. Plowing will
                begin after snowfall has ended. Driveways with parked cars will not be plowed
                due to liability issues.
                Residents do not need to sign up for this service. 

** TV & Dishes:
               -- There is a $200.00 non refundable deposit if you chose a TV provider that installs
                   a dish or antenna on your roof.  This is necessary for roof maintenance.

               -- If your TV source requires cable to be installed under ground (across a common
                  ground area), the association is not responsible for repair or calling the cable
                  company for repair, this is the homeowners responsibility.